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2-D Cutting Machines


US20 - 20Metre long Conveyorised Cloth Cutter


       25mm Consolidated Carbon Fibre                                    Multi-Layer Pre-preg

GFM(UK) Limited offer a complete range of Ultrasonic Knife cutting machines with cutting areas in excess of 25 metres by 5 metres.

The GFM Ultrasonic Knife Cutting machines have a wide range of applications from Flooring Materials to Aerospace Composites and are highly productive with cutting speeds up to 2m/s.


The Ultrasonic Knife can cater for a wide variety of materials from vinyl's and rubber to carbon and glass fibres in dry cloth or pre-preg and UD or Woven.


The ability to cut consolidated stacks up to 25mm thick, honeycomb materials as well as a range of soft and difficult to cut materials such as Kevlar and Zylon, make the GFM Ultrasonic Knife an extremely versatile cutting facility.

With the patented presser foot system, the Ultrasonic profiling of dry, loose weave fabrics, can now be successfully achieved with outstanding edge quality.

Due to their superior robust design GFM Ultrasonic cutting systems cut faster, more accurately and produce a superior edge quality than many other technologies/machines available.



3-D Cutting Machines




                   Nomex Honeycomb                                        Aluminium Honeycomb


The 6 axis Ultrasonic cutting machines allow the contouring and bevelling of complex shaped parts in Aluminium and Nomex Honeycomb plus 3D trimming of consolidated composite pre-forms. 

Numerous options (e.g. GFM NS2 Nesting System, Toolchanger, Part Identification) and configurations are available to enhance productivity.

If you have any cutting problems then please contact our sales department for assistance.


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